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Jul 12, 2013

Tips for Carpet Cleaning!

When you first bought your house and decided to line it with high-grade, plush white carpet, you were over the moon. Five years later, with two young children and a hectic household to uphold, you are ready to blow a gasket. Maintenance for your once pristine carpeting does not need to be a daunting task, even with children or pets in the house. After our previous post regarding the science of carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance this post will provide you with a few simple tips to keep your carpet clean after carpet cleaners have done there job.

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TIP #1: Vacuum every week

Despite if you live with animals or are a bachelor on your own, it is imperative to continually vacuum any carpeted areas on a weekly basis to avoid prolonged build up from dirt and dust, to hair and fibers. Heavy trafficked areas such as entranceways should be vacuumed more often, and spending a little more time to clean out baseboards, and hard to reach places will help extend the life of the carpet.

For any lingering odors or soiled areas, apply baking soda to the bag to snatch up any nasty smells that may have been trapped in the carpet.

TIP #2: Immediate action on spills!

To avoid caked in spots and spills on carpets, your best bet is to tackle them immediately after they occur or as soon as they are discovered. Our first instinct may be to get a warm, wet cloth and rub away. Do not do it! Instead, follow a few simple tricks to maximizing removal of spills.

  1. Blot or scrape the area prior to apply any cleaning agents.
  2. Test out the cleaning supply on a small, inconspicuous area prior to using it on the spot itself. You can avoid damage and discolouration through testing.
  3. Choose the right spot cleaner! There are many types of spot cleaners that will aid in removing the type of spills or stain including water-soluble, special water-soluble, fat, oil, wax stains and more. Selecting the right type of cleaner for your specific stain will ensure a better success rate.
  4. With the right cleaner in hand, work from the outside of the stain inwards. This will avoid spreading it beyond the boundaries of the stain itself and make for an easier clean-up.
  5. Using a clean, white towel is ideal to see how much of the stain was absorbed. It is also best for drying the area, which you can continue to do through blotting or leaving a stack of white paper towels to absorb additional moisture.

TIP #3: Deep-cleaning

There will likely come a time when even taking the best precautions to keeping a carpet stain free and clean will not do the trick. Overtime, the fibers of the carpet will endure a lot of traffic and exposure, and it may take deep cleaning to restore it to its pristine condition once again. Some indicators to let you know if it’s time for a deep cleaning include if the colour has faded or changed since it was first installed, if there is any matting or tacky texture, if there are marks left behind by furniture, or excess of dust build up across the area.