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Jun 27, 2013


Ah, yes! The warm, crisp rays of the summer sun permeate the window pane as you glance out the office window longing for the last few seconds before you dart out the door and enjoy what the season has to offer. It’s a Friday afternoon, and you fail to remember to take your half-drank coffee and banana with you as you head out the door. Furthermore, you grabbed one of the last honey glazed donuts before typing up an email to the boss and jetting out into the sun.

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While your adventure starts, the janitorial cleaning services begin their evening shift. Weeding their way through sticky keyboards, rotten food left to spoil in the heat, and sweaty chair stains left behind, they eagerly get to work to make the office sparkle for the next day.

While it is not your job to clean up the office to be in pristine condition, it is both polite and useful to maximize the janitorial services by implementing some quick tips that will help you get the most from your cleaners and ensure a hygienic and healthy environment for all.Here are our 7 Tips to keep your offfice space clean!

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TIP #1: Keep a clear desk

The cleaning staff is instructed to clean the clear areas of your desk without disturbing any materials that may be on it. Having said that, it is very difficult to ensure a spotless desk if there are papers and documents covering it that cannot be moved. A simple reminder is to keep your desk clear (ie recycle papers, file as you go) before the end of your shift to allow for proper wiping and keeping it ultra-hygienic for you and the office.

TIP #2: Throw out perishable food items

Despite the glorious invention of air conditioning, the heat can still peek through the windows and spoil foods left overnight. If you didn’t eat the apple or cheese that you planned on snack on, either take it home with you at the end of the shift or throw it out in a large garbage bin (preferably not the one at your desk in case it is not emptied daily). This makes for a stink-free environment!

TIP #3: Wet naps are your friends

It’s highly likely that throughout the day you may either spill a bit of your drink or leave some crumbs on areas such as your desk, keyboard, mouse, etc. It’s handy to keep on deck wet naps or similar product that can serve as immediate spill control relief. The worse kinds of messes that are time consuming and challenging to get out are those left caked on or imbedded in cracks. Prevent this from happening by quickly wiping up the mess or your dirty hands and keeping it sanity as you work.

TIP #4: Create an organization inspection group

By forming a small group of employees to make rounds of the office and issue warnings to those who leave their desks cluttered and unsanitary, it can help to reduce any issues for the janitorial services and maximize productivity. The last thing a business desires is to have cleaning staff have to stay extra hours cleaning up spills or dodging papers when it could be an efficient process.

TIP #5: Go Green

Dust, allergins and pollen will be circulating even more frequently entering the summer months. To reduce the amount of chemicals flying through the air, opt using green products versus harsh chemicals which may ultimately aggravate and cause more allergy problems if persisting. Encourage the cleaning staff to employ the use of green products as well as the employees if they do their own cleaning.

TIP #6: Vacation Prep

Most employees take some form of vacation in the summer months. It’s best to be completely organized and ready to depart on all fronts then to leave scatter and mess to return to. Have a set place for all the pending files or notes that need attending to with clear indication on where to leave it while you are aware, as well as doing a quick overview of your desk area to ensure nothing is left in a drawer that could spoil or cause health concerns while away. Be respectful of your environment so it’s in great condition when you return.

TIP #7: Communication is Key

Just because you work the morning shift and the janitorial staff works at night, does not mean that you cannot communicate if there is a concern or question. First, see what the policy is if you need to convey something that may require additional cleaning or to be left alone with management. If they are comfortable, leave a note on your desk clearly and politely addressing what needs to be done. This way, everyone is on the same page and can ensure a happy work atmosphere.