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Jun 4, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Science

Maintaining and cleaning carpets is no easy task, we could say that is precisely why a huge proportion today is shifting to either tiling or hardwood. Nonetheless, there does remain a significant proportion that remains attuned to carpets, because they find them more aesthetically appealing. There does however remain the question on how carpets could be maintained and protected the wrath of dust, allergens, stains and bugs. For the maintenance of carpets you need to make a very wise decision so that they don’t lose their value in terms of quality and appearance. Yes, Carpet cleaning is a science! There are several aspects involved in the process that include the different methods of cleaning, equipment used and the quality of products used for cleaning. With the advancement of modern day carpet care technology a whole new set of standards have been structured to maintain the health and quality of carpets.

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Carpet care technology

Apart from the time and burden to clean the carpets yourself, carpet cleaning involves a great deal of experience and understanding. As carpets are fairly expensive and delicate extensive care must be taken to get the job done. There are primarily two methods of carpet cleaning- dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Dry cleaning, as the name suggests is the process of using minimum to no water base products in the process.VLM (Very low moisture systems) are used in the process. This technique would ensure that the carpets are not exposed to moisture .This technique is more advisable for wet or moist environments that are always exposed to water and moisture. Comparatively as the names suggest wet cleaning is the process of using High level moisture systems that involve water based compounds and equipment to remove stains and get rid of dust.

Carpets get dirtier after cleaning!

Surprised? Based on our experience researching the industry, it is true that majority of carpet owners find that their carpets get dirtier after cleaning. The reason behind this is that any system (wet or dry) involves pre treatment and conditioning of the carpet that would penetrate the layers of fabric and remove stains from the root. If the moisture content and the toughness of the stain have not been calculated and a standard cleaning process is performed, your carpet would have been just been superficially cleaned. This will lead to the carpets getting dirtier after cleaning.

Is there a solution?

Thank fully advancements in modern day fabric care technology has given us a solid understanding on the best practices that should be followed to clean and maintain the carpets.

Stay posted for more updates on the solution next week and uncover the dos and don’ts of carpet care.