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Sep 26, 2013

Carpet Mold Removal & Identification

There is a toxic stench in your home/office but no one can figure out where it is coming from. What do you do? Get that space thoroughly vacuum-cleaner, fumigated and sprinkle some air fresheners. Is that all? What if the stench lingers on? There might be carpet molds, which are sure to give you a tough fight if left untreated.

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But, what is a carpet mold? It occurs when there is moisture under the carpet that is left unidentified for some time. It continues to grow, injuring the carpet and environment. Get that carpet and rug cleaned from a professional, from time to time. Don’t you worry about expenses here because if it is left untreated, huge expenditure will be a prerequisite for damage control? To make your life easy, professional carpet cleaners are just a call away.

Initially, it can be nerve-racking to identify a carpet mold, especially if the carpet is a thick one. There is no season but definitely a reason for molds to occur. Just look for symptoms like musty smell, mugginess on the carpet surface due to leak in the wall or rust stains under the carpet. You might even find a colony residing under your favorite carpet. When this disease is in the advanced stage, you might also see some white, black or greenish colored patches on your carpet. This can really trouble your health by gifting you allergies, bronchitis, asthma, flu and other breathing problems. People already suffering from these infirmities must mention rug inspection in their weekly to-do lists.

Here are the some recommended ways to prevent mold growing in your carpet.

Indoor Humidity

Make sure your home has a dehumidifier installed and is working properly. A range of 30-60% is acceptable.


Sufficient lighting will keep help eliminating moisture content and reduce the growth of the mold.

Get your carpet professionally installed

Though the process of installing a carpet seems fairly simple, there are countless reasons why a professional should to the job. Find all the information here.

Use High quality carpet padding

Using high quality carpet padding that is solid and made of rubber slab with anti microbial properties will be helpful in preventing the growth of carpet mold. Using eco friendly products is recommended to keep your home chemical free.

Standing water

If you think the area is susceptible to high humidity, moisture or water leaks, it would be wise to leave the area uncarpeted. If there are unexpected leaks or flooding make sure the carpet are cleaned and dried.

Clean Smart

Simple preventive measures to clean and inspect the carpet regularly will help you keep a check on the mold growth. Here is an article on some recommended tips for carpet care

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